Eco-safe “Green” Adhesives and Glues for Environmentally Responsible Builders and Manufacturers

The most difficult issue with green adhesives is not whether there are green
adhesives available. There are plenty of them in the marketplace. The real problem
has been finding a single source for green adhesives and glues. Read this
Primer on Green Adhesives.

One stop shop for "Green" adhesives and glues

GlueitGreen® was created for the sole purpose of being a single online source for green adhesives and glues. We have the expertise, we have the resources, and we have a large selection of green adhesive product lines. You recognize the names:


CP Adhesives is now

Spectrum Adhesives

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ITW TACC Green Adhesives
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Sausage-packed Adhesives Almost Eliminate Packaging

Sausage-packed adhesives are a new innovation commonly used in Europe but relatively unknown here in the United States. Regular adhesive tubes leave a large cardboard and plastic tube to crowd land-fills. But the "sausage" is an aluminum foil wrapper that squeezes down to leave a tiny aluminum disk that can be recycled, with virtually no wasted adhesive.

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Water based adhesives help reduce VOCs

Water-based adhesives are a popular alternative to solvent-based adhesives because of their lower VOC levels and tendency to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. A sampling of products:

  • Case and Carton sealing—Resin and Dextrin
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Labeling—Resin and Dextrin
  • Laminating—Resin and Dextrin
  • Palletizing
  • Fugitive and Self Seal Synthetic Latex
  • Wood Adhesives
  • Animal Adhesives

Learn more about our water-based adhesives and glues…

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Featured Application

There are literally hundreds of applications in dozens of industries for GlueitGreen products.

Here are a few of the uses in the Contractor and Construction industries:

  • LEED certified products
  • Green Guard certified products
  • Housing and Building construction

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